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Mural of Pioneers by Minerva Teichert

I went with the Head of Preservation of the LDS Church Historical Dept today to see a pair of paintings by Minerva Teichert in Montpelier Idaho. What beautiful country and gorgeous weather. The paintings I examined are really nice. This scene of pioneers is a theme often painted by famous LDS artist Minerva Teichert. This wonderful painting was done about 1930 and is an oil on canvas glued to the wall and is about 9′ x 9′. The mural will be removed in order for seismic work to be done in the building. While the work in the building will be going on, we will clean and prepare the painting. After we do our art conservation treatments, then we’ll reinstall them. I was told the two paintings are worth more than the entire building and land! Here are the photos of the paintings I examined.

The art conservation work will be performed at Fine Art Conservation Laboratories, Scott M. Haskins, in Santa Barbara, CA.