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Scott M. Haskins, Author, Art Conservator Speaks to Daughters of Utah Pioneers Orem, UT Camp at Annual Meeting – 3 good tips!

DUP members throughout the Utah Valley were invited to the annual meeting of the Orem Camp on October 22, 2012 to hear Scott M. Haskins, Painting Conservator give his talk that he gave to the DUP national meeting directors last Spring. While many interesting details about his art restoration projects for DUP were the same, his lively and fun discussion was fresh and direct to the Orem Daughters.

 Early Americana Art

Early Pioneer Art about 1843

Scott has been doing painting restoration for the International Pioneer Museum in SLC since 1980 and the examples of his projects were well known and interesting: Several portraits of Brigham Young showed different looks artists depicted, important pioneer paintings by CCA Christiansen were seen and the inside scoop on other well know paintings made the 45 minute presentation very interesting.  Tell others about this website at http://www.pioneerartrestoration.com that  has articles, fun stories and videos about the work done over the years. During his talk, he also spoke about other interesting Pioneer Art projects that he was working on such as the murals in the Salt Lake LDS Temple and the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.

Very interesting was his presentation and instructions about what the conference attendees could do themselves at home or in their small historical museums to protect, preserve and save artifacts, family history, collectibles, vintage photos, memorabilia, old cherished books and treasure documents. His book, How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster gives easy to understand instructions and examples. Some of his suggestions to be aware of were:

  1. Use an anchor wax to hold down collectibles in case of earthquakes, storms, dogs with big tails and grandkids! He brought a product called Museum Wax which attendees bought.
  2. Think about where you put your storage boxes with historic items so that water cannot get to them (basements with water heaters, garages on the floor etc).
  3. Don’t use magnetic photo albums. How do you get photos out of magnetic photo albums? Floss!

For a copy of his book and Museum Wax go to the “Fundraiser” on this website’s front page. Early America Art

About 75 Daughters attended the meeting and it appears that the Springville Camp may be thinking about doing a joint event with the Springville Art Museum sometime in the future with Mr. Haskins as the speaker and who may put on a workshop.

You can tell that Scott Haskins, the art restoration expert that began working with the Daughters back in 1980, is passionate about working with DUP if you’ve seen his videos. Even if he can’t be a member of DUP (his mother’s family helped settle Beaver, UT and his great grandmother, who died when he was 14 and he knew well, was the 1st child through “Hole in the Rock”!) Scott is anxious to do everything within his professional abilities to help our organization.


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More info on Scott’s work with clients in Utah:http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/salt-lake-city-painting-restoration-art-restoration-art-conservation-painting-conservation-repair-art-slc-utah/

More info on FACL, Inc’s work with clients in Las Vegas:http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/art-painting-conservationrestoration-las-vegas/

Scott’s blog about art conservation on vintage Mormon Art, go to http://www.mormonartconservation.org

Art restoration/conservation questions? Call Scott Haskins at 805 570 4140

Art appraisal questions? Call Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121

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Find Scott on Facebook: “Save Your Stuff” and “Scott M. Haskins”


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