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Art Conservation Painting Restoration Expert Scott M. Haskins at DUP in SLC – Jan 30th – Feb 2nd

Collection preservation and art restoration have always been part of the mission statement of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. Certainly the hopes and dreams of keeping the memory alive of these brave ancestors requires preserving their physical items for future generations: their collectibles, artifacts, heirlooms, books and writings, photography, memorabilia and artwork.

You can tell that Scott Haskins, the art restoration expert that began working with the Daughters back in 1980, is passionate about working with us if you’ve seen his videos. Even if he can’t be a member of DUP (his mother’s family helped settle Beaver, UT and his great grandmother, who died when he was 14 and he knew well, was the 1st child through “Hole in the Rock”!) Scott is anxious to do everything within his professional abilities to help our organization. Its been a few months in the planning, but during the week of Jan 30th to Feb 2nd, we were able to take advantage of Scott being in SLC to work on the restoration of the Salt Lake LDS Temple murals and we set up an “painting restoration workshop” in our conference room.

Cleaning a painting in the conference room

Cleaning a painting in the conference room


Scott accomplished several important things while he was with us: He cleaned the very dirty painting that hangs behind the speakers in the conference room, “Pioneers of 1857 Crossing the Platte River” painted in 1869 by famous pioneer artist Dan Weggelend. Another blog post tells about this work and there’s even a video showing a time lapse of the cleaning. He also re-cleaned a full length portrait painting of Brigham Young from about 1843 that he worked on back in about 1982 but that needed some fresh varnish.

While with us, he also made a proposal to help the DUP raise money for future restorations… which was enthusiastically accepted! Scott was also asked, and he accepted to be the featured speaker at the national meeting in June, at no cost, to report in on the art conservation work being done at the Daughters and to kick off the fund raising ideas.

All in all, it was a very productive visit.

During the week in SLC, Scott had the engine at FACL (his conservation company) running on all cylinders: Mural work at the Salt Lake temple for the LDS Church, large paintings to be cleaned on site at the Pioneer Memorial Museum in SLC, a Post War Expressionist Abstract painting by Jay De Feo examination and reports at Utah State University for the Whitney Museum of American Art in NY, inspecting a “pile” of newly discovered historic paintings plus meeting with private clients in Las Vegas along the way

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More info on Scott’s work with clients in Utah:http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/salt-lake-city-painting-restoration-art-restoration-art-conservation-painting-conservation-repair-art-slc-utah/

More info on FACL, Inc’s work with clients in Las Vegas:http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/art-painting-conservationrestoration-las-vegas/

Scott’s blog about art conservation on vintage Mormon Art, go to http://www.mormonartconservation.org

Art restoration/conservation questions? Call Scott Haskins at 805 570 4140

Art appraisal questions? Call Richard Holgate at 805 895 5121


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  1. Shelly Mollison says:

    Loved the meeting in Oren. I got your book and Museum Wax. Thanks!

  2. Kymberly Hunstiger says:

    Wonderful to have your blog posts and info about our dear artifacts and art items. Thanks also for your collection care suggestions and products. Many thanks!

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